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Choosing A Taxidermist

The Hunt
Finally, after two weeks straight of waking up at four in the morning and withstanding frigid winds, a trophy of a lifetime appears in range. Moments later you’re examining the spread, the mass, the points, the deer that you have been dreaming about. Already the ideas of mounting the animal are going through your head. But the nagging question is: Who can I trust to mount my trophy without it looking like Frankenstein?

Look for


The most lifelike recreation of an animal is the goal of all good taxidermists. The colors, eyes, body shape should be true to the animal. Quality is not only about craftsmanship, but also the materials used and preparation. The preparation of the skin can make the difference between a mount lasting a lifetime and one the lasts only a few years. Be sure visit the taxidermist’s showroom and examine how the older mounts look.
There is a world competition, multiple national, and just about every state has a competition for taxidermists. The masters division is the most prestigious level in the competition and there are also professional and novice divisions that are judged using lower standards. Having work done by a state champion will almost guarantee a high quality mount.
It’s ok to contact a taxidermist to ask for a quote. Knowing average price for your area is helpful in deciding on a taxidermist. The taxidermist on craigslist charging half the price is probably delivering a poor quality mount that you will come to regret. On the other hand, expect to pay a premium amount for a trophy mounted by the state champion.
Turnaround times up to a year are not uncommon, depending on the backlog a taxidermist has. An experienced taxidermist will be able to give you a decent estimate on turnaround in their shop. A quality mount takes many hours to complete and paying attention to the details takes time. It’s an instant gratification society, but it can be worth the wait for a trophy you will have for the rest of your life.
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    Find Taxidermists

    Taxidermist.Directory helps you locate the taxidermists in your area. View their profile to get a glimpse of what they have to offer and get connected with them.
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    Reviews are always helpful when selecting a taxidermist. Just remember that it’s easier to leave a good review than a bad one and not all people can judge quality taxidermy.
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    Find a variety of offers from taxidermists such as discounts on bases, group discounts, and freebies. Check back often as the offers vary with the season.
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