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Attract new business with a variety of promotional tools. Some examples of promotions are discounts, freebies, and referral bonuses. When you create a promotion it is displayed on the offers page. The offers page is searchable like the directory of taxidermists so users search for promotions from taxidermists near them. Categories help organize the promotions and can be used to narrow down search results. You can control when the promotion is displayed publicly and can define a set of dates that the promotion is valid for. Pictures can be added to the promotions as well as files, typically a .pdf to ensure maximum compatibility with all devices.


  • Running low on work? Offer a limited time discount to bring in some new items. 
  • Attract new customers with a first time discount. This may be hard to keep track of unless you manage your company with software or have a good memory.
  • Give a youth discount for customers children.
  • Free habitat upgrades for fish mounts.
  • Upload a referral form so existing customers can spread the word and reward them by giving them and their new customer some credit.

Creating a New Promotion

‚Äč Click the Promotions on the Control Panel.

Click on New Promotion.

Promotion Details

Give your promotion a Title, or name. Try to make the title descriptive of your promotion as well as clever or catchy so people click on it.

You can add multiple related Categories to your offer to maximize the reach.

The Summary is displayed in the search results. It is limited to 250 characters.

Provide all the details of your offer in the Description. You can add any fine print here too.

The Promotion Dates define the period of time that a promotion is valid for. This can be used to limit the special to specific days.  If you do not want dates to be displayed on the promotion, leave it blank.

The Display Publicly dates define on what dates the promotion is displayed live on the website. This way you can set up a promotion without having to worry about remembering to disable limited time offers. 

If you decide to use Promotion Dates, the Display Publicly Start Date should not be after the Promotion Start Date and the Display Publicly End Date should be the same day as the Promotion End Date.

The Regular Price is used as a comparison. This is not required and do not enter anything unless you define a Special Price.

Type the Special Price for the promotion. You do not need to need to include dollar signs and if not applicable, leave blank.

Make sure the correct business is listed in the Promotion For: selection.

The promotion will not be visible unless the Status is set to Active.


Adding your location will help customers in your area find your promotions. Complete your Address, City, and State.

Just zoom in and click on the map to finalize the location. Failing to complete this step may affect the ability of the search to accurately find or display your promotion.


You can add pictures to your promotion. The picture on the top will be used in the search results.


Files can be added to the promotion. For example, you could upload a printable voucher for your customer to bring in order to receive the promotion or a brochure explaining more details about your promotion. The best file type to use is .pdf because it is compatible with almost all devices.


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