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Finding Quality Taxidermy

What is Quality Taxidermy?
The most lifelike recreation of an animal is the goal of all good taxidermists. The colors, eyes, body shape should be true to the animal. Quality is not only about craftsmanship, but also the materials used and preparation. The preparation of the skin can make the difference between a mount lasting a lifetime and one the lasts only a few years. Be sure visit the taxidermist’s showroom and examine how the older mounts look.

Know Your


Being a great taxidermist in all fields is a difficult task to achieve. Just because a taxidermist is a world champion in birds, doesn’t mean that they can paint a fish. A lot of taxidermists focus on a few main areas of taxidermy, whether it’s shoulder mounts, medium mammals, African, fish, or birds. Focus on same type of animal you want mounted when browsing through the pictures and display animals in the showroom. If you are looking for the highest quality work, find someone who specializes in that species.
Just like any job, a more experienced taxidermist will put out higher quality work than someone just getting started. A taxidermist who is passionate about taxidermy will actively improve their skills and proudly display their membership with local and national taxidermy associations. Taxidermists gain valuable techniques and skills at seminars and from the judge that critiques their mount(s) in the competition. An “experienced” taxidermist that does not have any ribbons or awards probably isn’t actively trying to improve.



There are multiple methods of preserving skin, but if you want it to last a lifetime there is no method better than tanning it. Sending out skins to be professionally tanned takes time and is expensive. A taxidermist may charge a premium to have the skin professionally tanned, but in every case it is worth the price. Be sure to ask how they prepare the skin.
The supplies available to modern taxidermists is immense and greatly improved compared to 30 years ago. For example, artificial eyes exist for just about every species that hunted or fished. Check that the eyes that are used in a mount actually match the eyes of the species. Does the walleye eye actually glow and reflect back when you shine a light in it?
The easiest way to determine if a taxidermist is delivering quality taxidermy or not is to look over the customer mounts that are waiting to be picked up. Pull out you cell phone or print of some pictures of live animals and compare how the pictures look to what is hanging on the wall. Look at the eyes, does it look alive or is it practicing for LASIK surgery? Are the feathers or hair laying down in a natural way? Does the fish look blotchy and uneven or the colors naturally transition into one another? A taxidermist who takes pride in his quality of work will point out the little details in his mount that make it stand out from the competition.
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    Reviews are always helpful when selecting a taxidermist. Just remember that it’s easier to leave a good review than a bad one and not all people can judge quality taxidermy.
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    Find a variety of offers from taxidermists such as discounts on bases, group discounts, and freebies. Check back often as the offers vary with the season.
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