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6 Ways to Mount Your Whitetail

6 Ways to Mount Your Whitetail

There are many ways to preserve your whitetail this season. Your taxidermist should ask you how you want your whitetail mounted. Some options are whether you want the ears forward or backward, should the deer face left or right, and what pose do you want the deer in? If you have already selected a taxidermist, many have the ability and are willing to cape your deer if they will be doing the mount or for a fee. Having a taxidermist cape the deer will guarantee that there is enough skin for a shoulder mount. If it's the butcher caping the deer, make sure they know if you are planning on having a shoulder mount done.

Wall Mounts

Traditional Styles

There are four traditional whitetail poses differentiated by the height of the head. The upright represents a deer that is alert and is commonly mounted with the ears in the alert position. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the full sneak, representing a whitetail slowly going through the woods.

Wall Pedestal

The wall pedestal is relatively new to the taxidermy scene and is gaining in popularity. This type of mount appears more natural and lifelike than the traditional shoulder mount. Hunters considering a wall pedestal should make sure to leave enough skin when caping. To be safe bring the taxidermist the skin of the front half of the deer down to the elbows.

Floor Mounts


For those who don't have wall space or are looking for something more elaborate there is the pedestal. A pedestal is may be a complex habitat or a piece of wood and elevated off the ground 5-6 ft to the top of the horns. One of the reasons pedestals are common in competitions is due to the artistic freedom the taxidermist has with the base.


Lifesize deer are usually reserved for the biggest of rooms or retail spaces. A lifesize deer is not only too big for most homes but also too expensive, averaging between $2000-$3000. If you shoot a deer with a unique pattern, such as a piebald, and don't plan on mounting it contact a few taxidermists. Some may be interested in purchasing the skin.

Budget Mounts


A European mount is just the skull displayed on a plaque. There are tabletop as well as wall mountable plaques available for Europeans. A skull cleaned with beetles is better quality than a skull that is boiled.

Horn Panel

The horn panel is the most affordable way to preserve your trophy. There are a variety of styles and colors of covers available. Choose the type of wood and the shape of the wood panel. 

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