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Kevin Blank is currently an engineer by day and a technology enthusiast by night. He grew up in the taxidermy industry, spending whitetail season skinning and summer attending taxidermy conventions. Kevin answers business and technology questions and operates TaxidermyGuru, a web design studio catering to the needs of taxidermists and the industry.

Upcoming Conventions - July and August 2016

Upcoming Conventions - July and August 2016

Three competitions remain this year. Good luck to the competitors in Kentucky, Missouri, and those attending Mountain West!

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Upgrading Your Profile

Upgrading your profile unlocks additional features to help make your business stand out among the competition. Add a photo gallery and videos to your profile and connect to social media accounts with the Silver Package. With a Gold package, you are able to create promotions for your business such as discounts, upgrades, freebies, and more. The Featured Package includes all the benefits of Silver and Gold and additionally places your business at the top of the search results.

If you're not already on the manage page, click on Manage in the top menu and then select Business Profile.

Click on the green Edit button next to the business that you want to upgrade.

Select the package you want to upgrade to and click Save.

Click Pay Now on the Invoices page

Note: Additional features (photo gallery, promotions, etc.) will be visible to the public only after the invoice is paid.

Add or verify your Billing Details and click on continue.

If you have a Promo Code, enter it and hit apply. Your total will be updated.

Select your Payment Method and click Continue.

Check or Money Order payment should be sent to:

Taxidermist.Directory, LLC
1410 Sunset Rd 312
Port Washington, WI 53074

The upgrade will be reverted if payment is not recieved in 15 business days from the date of the order.

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Upcoming Conventions - June 2016

Upcoming Conventions - June 2016

June is another busy month for taxidermy conventions. The National Taxidermists Association convention is held on the second weekend in June at the Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. There are 9 other state competitions being held accross the nation as well in June.

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Upcoming Conventions - May 2016

Upcoming Conventions - May 2016

The United Taxidermists Association will be holding their competition in May as well as West Virginia.

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Upcoming Conventions - April 2016

Upcoming Conventions - April 2016

Six states are having their annual conventions this month, including Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, New York, and Ohio. There is also the Western Regional Taxidermy Championships held in Wyoming.

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