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Upcoming Conventions - June 2016

Upcoming Conventions - June 2016

June is another busy month for taxidermy conventions. The National Taxidermists Association convention is held on the second weekend in June at the Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. There are 9 other state competitions being held accross the nation as well in June.

National Taxidermists Association

Champion, PA - June 9-12, 2016

Held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Public viewing from 2PM-7PM on Thursday, 12-4PM & 6-9PM Friday, 12AM-5PM on Saturday, June 11th. Admission is $10, youth 12 and under are free.

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Membership: $65-$750


Tommy Hall
Mounting a Whitetail Deer
Marcus Zimmerman
Mule Deer Mounting Techniques
Jean Roll
Carcass Casting – Part I
Mike Kirkhart
How to Create a Color Schedule & Paint a Largemouth Bass
Brian Kadrmas
Achieving Proper Balance with Your Mammal Mounts
Fred Barilla
Mounting a Ringneck Pheasant
Ryan Rhodes
Waterfowl Mounting
Brian Hendricks
Mounting a Life-size Bobcat
Jean Roll
Carcass Casting – Part II
Olaus Lyons
Hands On Deer Eye Setting (Limited Class Size)
Children’s Seminar - Michelle Burkholder
Deer Hoof Creatures
Vic Heincker
Making Death Masks & 3-D Reference
Cary Cochran
Whitetail Deer Reference
Stephen Rogers, Fred Vanderburgh, Russell Knight & Larry Blomquist
Taxidermy Roundtable
Tommy Hall
Finishing Whitetail Deer

Colorado Taxidermist Association

Montrose, CO - June 2-4, 2016

Held at the Montrose Pavilion Event Center. Public viewing from 10AM-4PM on Saturday, June 4th.

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Membership: $50-$600


Mounted In Montrose
3-Hour Live Mounting Competition
Rick Krane
Painting a Brook Trout
Jack Emery
Whitetail Competition Nose, Eyes, Ear Butts
Brian Snyder
Removing, Repairing, Injecting & Painting Feet on Waterfowl
Josh & Mark Gustad and Brandon Reynolds
Hands on Washing & Grooming a Life-Size Freshly Mounted Bobcat

Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Chapel Hill, TN - June 2-4, 2016

Held at Henry Horton State Park.

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Membership: $45


Kenny Brancefield
Fish Part 1
Ladies/Childrens Seminar
Canvas Painting
Don & Jessica Stevens
Shane Smith
Kenny Brancefield
Find Part 2
Ladies Seminar
Spray Tan
Chip Hayes
Hands On ($15)

Nebraska State Taxidermy Association

Columbus, NE - June 3-5, 2016

Held at the Ramada Columbus Hotel and Conference Center. Public viewing from 1-4PM on Saturday and 9AM-4PM on Sunday, June 5th.

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Membership: $35-$450


Becky Wacker
Marketing on Social Media
Cory Foth
“Hands on” fish eye painting and other composition and design techniques
Blake Reminger
Mounting a Turkey
Mike Nakielski
Mounting a Standing Waterfowl
Clint Rickey
Competition Tips and Tricks
Devin Amelunke
Competition Mammals

New England Association of Taxidermists

Windsor Locks, CT - June 3-5, 2016

Held at the The Double Tree by Hilton. Public viewing from 10AM-7PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and 10AM-5PM on Sunday, June 13th. Admission is $12, youth 16 and under are free.

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Membership: $35


Bob Noreau
Molding and casting
Richard Christoforo
Sawdust Squirrel
Pete Lajoie
Mounting a whitetail, Part 1
Phil Helms
Habitat rock
Pete Lajoie
Mounting a whitetail Part 2
Frank Kotula
Mounting a cold water fish
Greg Cuvelier
Mounting a Coyote Pedestal

Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Midwest City, OK - June 9-11, 2016

Held at the Reed Center & Sheraton Hotel. Public viewing from 8AM-12PM on Saturday.

Schedule Register
Membership: $35-$400


Clay Wagner
Gamehead Taxidermy
Joe Kaiser
Bird Taxidermy
Jack Emery
Whitetail Taxidermy
Karen Stanford
Life-size Taxidermy
Mickey Bowman
Fish Taxidermy
Jim Pitts
Garland Lesley
Molding Casting

South Carolina Association of Taxidermist

Columbia, SC - June 16-18, 2016

Held at the Holiday Inn & Suites.

Membership: $60-$65


Cory Caruthers
Perry Stout
Detachable Antlers
Keith Crout
Fish Painting
Ronnie Gaillard
Finishing a Whitetail Deer
Paul Cales
Tanning Processes & Formulas
Vic Heincker
Lifesize Mammal
Bob McElroy
Molding and Casting a Duck Head

Garden State Taxidermist Association

Pompton Plains, NJ - June 22-24, 2016

Held at the Regency House Hotel.


Texas Taxidermy Association

Lubbock, TX - June 22-25, 2016

Held at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

Schedule Register
Membership: $45-$800


Shane Davenport
Mount a Grey Fox
Paul Gallegos
Mounting a Pronghorn Antelope
Vincent Gallegos
Mounting a Bobcat
Kenneth Bauman
Mounting a Commercial Largemouth Bass
Danny Owens
Lowell Shapley
Artificial Water
Zach Parks
Mounting a Strutting Turkey
Jimmy Fontenot, James Newport, Jerry Huffaker
Roy Holdrigde
Tine Repair - Molding and Casting
Clay Wagner
Advanced Finish Work
Jake Carter
Mounting a Commercial Whitetail Deer

Alabama Taxidermist Association

Sheffield, AL - June 23-26, 2016

Held at the Jameson Inn Hotel & Conference Center.

Schedule Register
Membership: $50-$70


Archie Phillips
Skin & Mount a Large Mouth Bass
Ray Barbour
Mounting an African Gamehead
Jacob Clark
Mounting a life-size mammal
Kent Reedy
Duck Anatomy, Painting Artificial head & Eyelid Building
Michael Cole
Prep & Paint a Salt Water Fish (Cobia)
Joel Stone, Alan Gobel, Dennis Hereford, Randy Bell
WT Deer Mounting
Shane Smith
Mounting a Bird
Josh Jackson
Cast/Molding Rocks

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