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Upcoming Conventions - Feb 2016

Upcoming Conventions - Feb 2016

Florida is the first of four State Taxidermy Conventions this February. Good luck to all the competitors!

Florida State Taxidermists Association Convention

Winter Haven, FL - February 4-6, 2016


Membership: $50


Korey Alleman - Flying Duck

Dan Heasley - Mammal Mounting

Russel Knight - Business

Tony Breedlove - Casting

Wisconsin Taxidermists Association Convention

Stevens Point, WI - February 18-21, 2016

Schedule - Open to the public 12-4pm Saturday, Feb 20th. Admission is $5, ages 10 and under: free.

Competition Rules

Membership: $35-100


Pat Wagner - Whitetail

Kyle Lakey - Gamehead Pedestal

Jeff Mourning - Artistic Presentation

Jeff Specht - Airbrushing Techniques & Maintenance

Jeff Nelson - Bird

Kids Activity

Ladies Activity

Greg Brumfield - Mammal Seminar

James Graham - Whitetail

Georgia Taxidermist Association Convention

Macon, GA - February 19-21, 2016


Competition Rules

Membership: $60+


Brian Stilewell - Waterfowl

Vincent Flemming - Finishing Whitetail

Ricky Donlap - Molding, Casting Cold Water Fish Head

Mike Noonkester - A to Z Sculpture Boar Mouth

Amy Carter - Bobcat or Fox

Tony Breedlove - Full Body Alligator

Michael Schlabach - Alter Pedestal

Michael Schlabach - Building Habitat

Arkansas Taxidermist Association Convention

Bismarck, AR - February 25-27, 2016

Schedule - Open to the public 8-11:30am Saturday, Feb 27th. Admission is $2.00

Membership: $50-60


Bob Schnettgoecke - Mammal Alteration

Jack Emery - Whitetail Earbutts, Nose, Eyes

Mark Wicker - Hands on Bird Mounting

Rebecca Wilcher - Setting Eyes

Randy Holler - Waterfowl Presentation

Jacke Carter - Mounting a Deer

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